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The editable Recruitment to Sign off Process document will be your guide to getting started, detailing all roles and responsibilities for yourself and your Line Manager / Laura Rigby.


Please download, read and use the editable version to update your progress.

Please email completed form to [email protected]  


High speed training login will be emailed to you along with certificates and outcomes.

Line Manager / Laura Rigby. All documents kept within HR File.


Mental Fitness Mentor - Recruitment to Sign Off - Process Document
Mental Fitness Coach - Recruitment to Sign Off - Process Document

Employee Handbook


We're a founding company which means we're currently classed as a micro company. Your Line Manager and the Founder is one and the same person, Laura Rigby. Bright Future's vision is for the company to grow and help millions of young people, and as all great things they have to start somewhere. With the growth of how many young people we support our hierarchy will change to suit our growing team and relevant changes will be shared as and they develop.

 The purpose of an employee handbook is to be used as a reference tool for our policies and procedures, and read in conjunction with your own individual contract of employment. The handbook provides an overview of the process, your contract provides the details of the entitlement to the employee. IE. Regarding holidays – the holiday policy in the handbook should be read in conjunction with your own contract of employment. (Not all of our employees are term time)

If any clarity is required, please refer to your line manager in the first instance. As per the structure chart below, we have exceptional professionals who support us in various functions of our business. If there was requirement for a third party please refer to Kelly Bater our HR Expert. [email protected] 

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Documents you will find essential in your role...


Save the link to your desktop for future ease of reference.

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Meet The Team

If you know of anyone who would like to work for Bright Futures please share their CV with [email protected] and direct them to our website where they can find the 'Join our Team' section. 


“There is no force more powerful, than a collective 

on a mission to create a Bright Future 

for the next generation!.”

Laura Rigby

Founder  & CEO



This is just the beginning...


At Bright Futures we strive for professional excellence. You will have help and support to move from competence to excellence!


Book your first termly development 1:1 with your Line Manager to review and focus on your success and self improvement plan. 


Please note all staff will have a 6 month probational period to demonstrate competency inline with their role profile and contract. You will be fully informed in a timely manner both in person and in writing should we to ensure you're fully aware of any developments required to ensure your success.


Remember to enjoy the learning process and have fun! Our young people are our best teachers, and they're waiting for you to show up as the best version of yourself!

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